KPK Powerful Logo

Client: Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK) Product: KPK Signage Location: Kantor Pusat KPK – HR Rasuna Said Jakarta Here’s our workshop for KPK Signage. Familiar with this KPK Signage? Sure, you’ve seen it hundred times on tv and internet. It’s the only KPK front desk logo at KPK lobby. When KPK holds a press conference, this…

Billboard Jakarta

Billboard adalah media promosi luar ruang (out-of-home advertising) berukuran besar yang berfungsi untuk menarik perhatian orang banyak. Billboard termasuk bentuk iklan luar ruang (out-of-home advertising) yang paling banyak digunakan karena efektik menarik perhatian orang banyak dari ukurannya yang besar. Hindari kesalahan dalam pemasangan billboard dengan memilih advertiser yang telah berpengalaman di industri advertising – “Experience…

Skyscraper Signage Sea World – Ancol

Client: Sea World Indonesia Outdoor Product: Skyscraper Signage (Letter Block) Location:  Ancol, Jakarta Feel free to contact our hotline for more details +62 0812 1234 7786 (24/7), +62 021 7974479 Pemasangan Signage Seaworld Jakarta by Naldo Advertising

Signage: A First Impression Builder for Customer

Whatever type of marketing that you are trying to use for a higher graphic of sales,  in the end, making your business easy to find and attractive to would-be consumers is crucial to growing your customer base. Signs are a major factor in driving purchases and affecting customer decision. A study shows that  more than…

Company Signage – Bank Of Tokyo

Client: Bank Of Tokyo – Mitsubishi UFJ Outdoor Product: Company Signage, Logo Location:  Kawasan Industri Cibitung Feel free to contact our hotline for more details.      

The Power of Promotional Merchandise & Gifts

Brand identity is something that is pivotal to any business model but also something that is not simple to achieve. The most important thing to remember is that your logo and motto need to be instantly recognisable and memorable to all those who see it and this is typically achieved by cleverly marketing strategies and…

Workshop LED Signage for Make Up Studio by Agustina Anggri

Build something you believe in — because that’s the first step to building a great brand. If you have a great passion in anything, go grab your dream and make it real now. If your passion is clearly in Make Up Artist, quick… go for it just like what our client Agustina Anggri does. Her…

Printing Ads

We are ready to advertise your products from A to Z. From Skyscraper Giant Signage to Printing Ads. There are lots of way to advertise your products anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Simply contact our hotline. Client: Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia Product: Kaleidoskop Prestasi Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia Client: Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia Product: Exclusive Plakat Client:…

Workshop MAS Signage

Imagine transforming your company logo from printed letter head to a real 3D signage at your office front desk. We help you design and create your signage with high quality materials. Please contact our hotline for the fastest and most effective business solution.

Workshop LED Box

Advertise your business through any potential media. LED Box is one of the best solutions. Check out our workshop for LED Box. Hope this inspires you to spread your business wings.

Workshop Billboard

Some of our billboard products with safety sturdy billboard frame in Jakarta. Ads on billboards are free to consumers; you do not have to buy a mobile-data service, magazine, cable television, or a newspaper to see your advertisement.

Workshop Sosro

Client: PT Sinar Sosro (Rekso Group) Outdoor Product: Fruit Tea Neon Box & Signage Ontang-Anting Dufan Location: Dunia Fantasi (DUFAN), Ancol, Jakarta Utara